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Empowered Goddess Healing Angel Wings Motif for Energy Healing with the Angels
Picture Of Kelsie McCormack. Founder of Empowered Goddess Healing. Kelsie is pictured smiling wearing a scarf. She has red heair and green eyes.
Who am I?

Hi! I'm Kelsie, Founder of Empowered Goddess Healing. I guide and teach pure hearted souls how to do Shadow Work on their Ascension Path. I also create pathways for people to reconnect with Spirit. I'm a healer, oracle and channel as well as a Trauma Sensitive Heartmath Certified Practitioner. My background is in Psychology and I have a Masters in Mental Health with experience in Mindfulness and meditation.


I specialise in shadow work and diving deep into the unhealed parts of ourselves, the repressed parts, the trauma, the parts we have rejected, suppressed and denied.


I combine the skills I acquired in Psychology, Angelic energy healing techniques and my intuitive gifts to create a sacred healing space for my clients to feel safe and supported to explore the depths of their shadow.

Aside from the professional spiel I wanted to give you some insight into who I am as a person. I am kind, caring, compassionate and empathic - a sensitive soul, an old soul. A soul led by the heart.


I live for moments of deep connection what I would call relational depth in Psychology. I appreciate the beauty of nature and on occasion I am completely blown away by it.


Most days you will find me talking to trees, plants and animals or gazing wistfully at the moon. 

Awe is my favourite emotion. I am a deep thinker who constantly thinks about life and reflects about things.


A dreamer who revels in all things fantastical. I have an insatiable thirst for all things mystical, magical and metaphysical.


In saying that, I am also practical, logical and scientifically minded – somewhat of a paradox or as I like to think ... balanced!  I enjoy challenging myself and love learning.

So what got me into this business? Well, it's a bit of a story .....

Image of a Silver Pheonix on a purple stary background. The pheonix symbolises transformation
Image of a triquetra which is a celtic irish symbol of the power of three denoted by a trinity knot intertwined with a circle. The triquetra is white on a purple stary backround


For many years now I have undertaken a journey of self exploration. Leaving no stone unturned, I have delved into the depths of myself in an attempt to

understand who it is that I am.

Circumstances transpired to bring me to this point of self exploration. I had lost myself for a long time and I needed to find my way back and rekindle my relationship with myself.


The trigger was pain.

I found myself at a place where the pain screamed for my attention. It was overwhelming, all consuming, terrifying and I was at a loss as to what to do.

Then it dawned on me that the only way to be free of my pain was to work through it.

So I decided to embrace my pain, invite it in, understand it and I realised that that was what it had wanted from me all along - acknowledgement - to be heard, seen and felt.


No longer having to scream for my attention.


I gave it the attention it craved. I gave it love.

A flash of white light on a purple stary backgroun. The flash of white light symbolises the pleiadians a glactic energy that Kelsie works with often.
A white fairy with wings sitting on a crescent moon with a purple stary background. The fairy is another energy Kelsie works with in energy healing sessions.

It has been hell on earth diving into my pain - pain that I had spent my whole life suppressing, avoiding and denying.

It has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, uncovering parts of myself that lay forgotten, hidden, disowned and rejected.


Diving deep into my shadow. Embracing all parts of myself and returning to wholeness and in the process setting myself free. Free to be who I really am.


Free to be me.

Inspired by being on this journey myself. An ascension path. A shadow healing journey. I am passionate about teaching others how to connect with spirit, to journey into their shadow to heal themselves, step into their power and return to love.

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