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Available Online

Dark Energy and Entity Clearance

  • 2 hours
  • 200 euros
  • Online on Zoom

Service Description

An Angelic Energy Healing session to banish dark energy and entities from your energetic field in alignment with your intention for the session. The aim of this session is to banish dark energy and entities, close all doors, padlock them and throw away the key lol. To do that though we need to first acknowledge the dark energy in your field. This can include: Curses Hexes Vows Tags Chords Energy Hijacking Imprints or implants Entity Attachments Mind control Manipulation Interference or distraction energies Energetic parasites Black Magic And do some investigating into the origins of these energies. To understand and acknowledge their roots. These dark energies can be very troublesome. Traumatic even. A pain in the ass. Frightening. However, from my experience I have found that the dark energy usually serves a purpose in some way. The trick is to find it. And that is what we will do in session. I use my own dark energy clearance protocol. A technique I've developed myself from being psychically attacked by dark energies. With a view to releasing you from them entirely. Freeing your energy field. So that it is lighter and brighter. And you are all the wiser. Armed with the knowledge and awareness of dark energies. And protection techniques that you can use going forward.

Cancellation Policy

The services will be fully refunded if the services are cancelled at least 48 hours before the services were scheduled to be provided. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled service will not be refunded.

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