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Sarah Brown

Thank you so much for this amazing experience Kelsie.  I've trained in and experienced a lot of therapies over the year, but this blew me away. 


I'm on cloud nine and feel like a lot shifted during the session. 


I've had EMDR therapy for CPTSD and knew the blocks you found, but previously I've felt like therapists have found the blocks, had a look at them and then put them back. 


I truly believe you and your angel team have done what was needed.  You were so fun during the session too, it's good to laugh, whilst working on such deep and hard feelings.  I'm terribly relieved that sword didn't need to stay though 😉 


Go forth and share your incredible talents.  A truly wonderful healing session <3  This is Me, from the Greatest Showman, is still playing in my head :-)                     

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Kirti Sharma

I say: Every doctor needs another doctor, a therapist needs another therapist and a healer needs another healer when they need same assistance.


I had been working into healing for more than a decade and half but there was one blockage related to money that couldn't figure out. The root was unknown to me.


I grabbed for a Angelic Healing session from Kelsie McCormack . It was a mind blowing session where she cleared away many deep seated karmas of past lives. I finally got to see the root of my blockage which she helped in healing with Archangels. Thankful for her session. I recommend you all to take an opportunity to work with her.


The biggest point is that she got a message from Lord Shiv the same morning while she connected to my energy guides. That was beautiful and emotional.


My healing journey is on going. Please spend some time to work with her.


Thank you Kelsie for the session.


Live in Light

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Domna Chanoumidou

After a pretty miraculous meeting with Kelsie McCormack, where I was literary led to by divine guidance, I had the pleasure to have an angelic healing session with her. 

It was right on the 4/4 energy portal, the portal of angelic manifestation so the time couldn't be more accurate. That was a sign of Divine Timing for sure! 

I knew I was led, so there was absolute trust and peace in my heart. I knew that Kelsie as a healer and facilitator would be guiding me through her presence and through her divine gift to the healing, I needed to receive.

The energy flowing before, during, and after the session was intense. Kelsie's voice so soft and peaceful gave me the reassurance I needed to fully surrender to the process. I could feel her talking in such a way that it felt like a magic carpet taking me places I knew I was safe. 

The angelic presence and guidance totally resonated with the loving space that Kelsie was holding for me. They took me on a deep journey within. The sensations in my body as they walked me through the healing and the activations I felt cannot be described. They can only be felt!! 

An experience that opened me to new realizations and to a sense of love and protection from higher realms available to us at any minute. Kelsie was the key point of that journey. She gave me space and confidence but at the same time left me free to navigate the process in my own way. She was there actively present but also in the most discrete way.

The energies from the angels were so strongly felt that even after the session I could feel them with me, giving me signs and nudges necessary to process the experience I just had. Kelsie's energy was with me too for the next few days, indicating to me how important it is for the healer to be fully engaged in the process.

I still have her angelic voice resonating within me, as a reminder that I am never alone. As a sweet and gentle music carpet of an angelic orchestra in which, she so gracefully, invited me to be a part!

Thank you Kelsie for the gift and the love you bring to the world! Thank you angels for the healing you brought to my life!

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